Stephens and Hagan

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Does Stephens & Hagan have a project scope requirement?

Regardless of square footage or budget, each project is important and relative.

Q.  Must a budget be determined prior to contacting S & H?

Often clients have an idea what they anticipate spending, but need assistance in determining an accurate budget. Preparing budgets is part of our design process, and is a vital tool in order to arrive at realistic expectations.

Q.  How are design services compensated?

An initial retainer fee, with subsequent hourly design fee. Accurate time logs are maintained and included with invoicing.

Q.  How is an appropriate style determined for a project?

The programming phase includes interviewing the client and listening carefully to their objectives, goals, and dreams. The designer works with the client to define and develop the scope and aesthetic. A successful finished product will reflect the CLIENT, not the designer!

Q.  Does S & H provide product as well as design services?

Yes, we have well-established relationships with a wealth of vendors and workrooms in every aspect of interior finishes and furnishings. Our resource libraries are brimming with current product samples and catalogs. We can provide our clients anything available to the trade, or custom commissions.

Q.  Will the designers work with a client’s existing furnishings?

When appropriate, careful inventory and evaluation of existing furnishings, art and accessories is included during the programming phase.

Q.  Is it possible to arrange for a consultation only?

Of course! A consultation fee is assessed appropriate to the specific project.

Q.  Does S & H have a retail showroom?

We work with clients by appointment only. Our professional office environment includes meeting space and resource libraries that are not accessible to walk-in traffic.

We offer our clients custom and retail products by catalog and online sourcing. Trips to various markets can be organized to visit specific showrooms as well.

Q.  We did not hire professionals, and have gotten in over our head. Would you consider stepping in to our
project in the "middle"?

One of the values of using a designer is to eliminate the guesswork and responsibility of making uninformed choices. While it’s certainly best to be included from the very beginning, it is possible to step in and assist. Contact our office to discuss!

Q.  We already have an architect and builder selected for our project. How does S & H interface with other trade

We highly encourage a “design team” approach to a project, and feel it’s the most efficient and productive use of each trade’s expertise. We’ve established long-standing relationships with many architects, builders and subcontractors.